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Supporting Film, Acceptance and AIDS Walk Miami


The MiFo LGBT Film Festival, a critically acclaimed event, inspires, entertains, educates the public, encourage a sense of community through international and culturally diverse film, video, and other media that offer historical and contemporary perspectives on the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender experience.

For the festival, on Saturday, April 22nd, at Regal Cinemas South Beach located on 1120 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Care Resource is sponsoring 2 films and will be giving a presentation before as well.

In addition to hearing about this year’s AIDS Walk Miami on April 23rd at the SoundScape Park in Miami Beach, this will be an opportunity to hear about the expansion of Care Resource’s mission and medical services in Miami-Dade County.

The first sponsored film at 4:45pm, titled, “A Change of Heart” reminds viewers us that even the most hardened among us can learn to embrace difference, accept love, and move on with life. Emilio and Gloria Estefan will receive their Ally Awards during this screening too. Click here for tickets and film information:

The second sponsored film at 7:00pm titled, “Something like Summer” is about challenging adulthood. It features seven original musical numbers and the artwork of a talented young artist.  Click here for tickets and film information:


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