Be Prepared this Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season 2024As we approach the 2024 hurricane season, we must shift our focus toward disaster preparedness. Hurricane season officially begins on June 1, and the time to get ready is now. Care Resource is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community, especially in the event of a storm impacting South Florida.

In case of any service disruptions, we’ll keep you updated through our website and social media channels. If our region falls under a hurricane watch or advisory, please adhere to all precautionary guidelines provided by local authorities. Proactive measures are crucial for staying safe during emergencies, so we urge everyone to take necessary precautions to safeguard their well-being.

Are You Ready?

Here are some essential steps to take when preparing for hurricane season:

  • Stock Up On Supplies: Make sure to have ample supplies for your household, including disinfectant supplies, masks, pet supplies, medications, and important medical documents such as insurance cards and medical records.
  • Update Contact Information: Ensure that your contact information with the health center is up to date, along with your emergency contacts. This ensures that you can be reached quickly during disruptions or emergencies.
  • Communicate with Social Services: Contact your case manager and/or therapist regarding any social services issues or needs you may have during the hurricane season. It’s important to ensure that you have access to necessary support services.
  • Consider Special Needs: If you or anyone in your household is an individual with a disability, identify if you may need additional help during an emergency. Visit for more information and resources.
  • Seek Medical Attention: In an emergency, seek medical attention promptly. Notify your primary care physician (PCP) of any medical emergencies and follow their guidance.
  • Stay Informed: If an unforeseen event is identified, contact the health center to obtain information about possible office closures and emergency procedures. Stay updated on the latest developments and follow all advisories issued by local authorities.
  • Keep Electronics Charged: Keep your cell phone charged when you know a hurricane is in the forecast, and purchase backup charging devices to power electronics. This ensures that you can stay connected even during power outages.
  • Ensure Adequate Food and Water: Ensure there is adequate water and non-perishable food available that does not require cooking. Stock up on essentials to sustain your household for an extended period if necessary.
  • Prepare Vehicles and Propane Stoves: Gas up vehicles and propane stoves beforehand. Ensure you have an ample supply of batteries for flashlights and other emergency devices.
  • Have Cash on Hand: Keep some cash on hand, including small bills and coins, in case credit card systems are unavailable during the aftermath of a hurricane.

By taking these proactive steps, you can help ensure your safety and the security of your loved ones during the upcoming hurricane season. Remember, preparedness is key to weathering a storm and minimizing its impact on your life and property. Stay safe, stay informed, and be ready for challenges.

For additional information and resources, please click here.

About Care Resource:

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