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Health Center Procurement Services

There are many opportunities for vendors, contractors, and consultants to do business with Care Resource. As a 501(c) (3) non-profit and Federally Qualified Health Center, the Health Center purchases all types of supplies, materials, commodities, and services; as well as constructing and maintaining several facilities.

The Board of Directors is committed to promoting and developing business relationships with a wide variety of businesses and ensuring that minority and women-owned businesses, as well as eligible local businesses, have the chance to compete for a fair share of these opportunities.

These opportunities are publicized on this web site in accordance with the Health Center’s procurement policy.

Health Center Procurement adheres to the following standards:

  • Adhering to ethical purchasing policies and principles;
  • Maintaining open and fair competition;
  • Maintaining fair and clear purchase and bid specifications;
  • Encouraging testing or demonstration of materials and products which may be of value to the Health Center;
  • Answering all inquiries promptly;
  • Declining to take advantage of vendor errors; and
  • Following up on deliveries and assisting, when appropriate, in the prompt payment of invoices


There are currently no requests for a proposal.

Disclaimer: Care Resource complies with the procurement standards required by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found at 45 CFR Part 74 (OMB Circular A-110). Revisions to OMB Circular A-110 are automatically included in the Health Center’s procurement policy.

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