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Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Care Resource is committed to providing quality healthcare. It is our pledge to provide healthcare services with respect and dignity. In keeping with this pledge and commitment, we present our Patient Rights and Responsibilities.

Your Rights as a Patient

  • Respectful treatment by staff.
  • Services provided without discrimination because of race, age, religion, nationality, origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or economic status.
  • Confidentiality (privacy) except when there is a danger to you or others.
  • Assignment to a provider.
  • Active participation in the development and review of an individualized treatment plan. This includes the right to know and meet the staff who are responsible for your care, know their professional qualifications and how to reach them.
  • The least restrictive type of treatment that can meet your needs.
  • The option to pursue a complaint through the written grievance procedure provided at intake.
  • To understand the services that Care Resource provides including your rights and responsibilities as a patient before receiving services from Care Resource.
  • To be referred to appropriate services and agencies when your needs are beyond what can be provided at Care Resource.
  • To give informed consent or to refuse treatment, and to be advised of the consequences of such refusal.
  • To a humane and safe environment giving you reasonable protection from harm and appropriate privacy with regard to your personal needs.
  • Engage in a language you feel most comfortable with when providing care, treatment, and other services.
  • To obtain care from other clinicians within the primary care medical home, to seek a second opinion, and to seek specialty care.
  • To designate a surrogate decision maker, inclusive of a same-sex partner, in case the patient is incapable of understanding a proposed treatment or procedure or is unable to communicate his or her wishes regarding care.

Your Responsibilities as a Patient

As a patient of Care Resource, you have many responsibilities too. We always want to make sure you understand your responsibilities and accept the credit for your success in treatment. We expect you:

  • To maintain the confidentiality of other patients.
  • To follow the Program Rules.
  • To follow the grievance procedure as outlined in the Patient Grievance Procedure for any problem or concern.
  • To inform therapist/case managers at the agencies from which you receive services, that you are also receiving services from Care Resource; coordination of services between agencies is to your benefit.
  • To treat all Care Resource staff, volunteers, and patients respectfully; you will not be verbally or physically abusive.
  • To follow the treatment plan that you have developed with your Provider, therapist, and/or case manager.
  • To keep all scheduled appointments (medical, lab, dental, case management, individual and group therapy). You will give 24 hours notice if you need to miss an appointment and reschedule the appointment with your Provider, therapist, and/or case manager.
  • To attempt to remain drug and alcohol-free while on the premises of Care Resource.
  • To provide Care Resource staff with an update of any changes in your status. (physical, financial, emotional)
  • To provide your own transportation whenever possible. If unable to provide your own transportation; you should contact your case manager.
  • To allow your providers to consult with other healthcare professionals about your care.
  • To arrange for payment of medical bills and apply for all benefits and entitlement programs for which you are eligible.

If you are receiving substance abuse services from any of our providers, your rights while receiving treatment are outlined at Florida Statute 397.501

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