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Athena Antonos, Pharm. D, Pharmacist


Athena Antonos first came to Orlando with her family in the 90s, instantly falling in love with our beautiful sunset skies. Her father would repeat the words of the pilot as they landed “We have reached our final destination” as they would spend the next twenty years moving between Europe and Florida.

Facing academic difficulties in her early childhood moving between continents, Athena is thankful for those experiences that helped shape her into the strong-willed pharmacist that you see today.

Athena came to South Florida in 2011 to attend Nova Southeastern University to earn her PharmD and hasn’t left since.

Athena is passionate about providing patient care in a meaningful way and building relationships with her community to assure overall health and wellness. In her free time, she loves spending it with her family and loved ones enjoying our beautiful weather and creating meaningful memories

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