Website Accessibility

wheelchairCare Resource makes continuous efforts to ensure that the health programs and activities provided through electronic and information technology are accessible to individuals with disabilities; including the blind and visually impaired.

While we strive to make our website fully accessible, our pages may not always pass all online testing or validation tools.

Care Resource also urges its third-party vendors to provide accessible content on its websites and will consider ADA compliance when selecting third-party vendors. However, there may be some third-party content appearing on our website which may be outside of our ability to control.

As we continue to make improvements in the functionality of our website and digital content, the health center’s Marketing Department will continue to ensure that it reflects Care Resource’s commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

For questions or concerns about the accessibility of our website or any other direct inquiries, please contact our ADA Coordinator, Andres Christie (Human Resources & Administration Services Manager, MBA) at:

For those that require assistance to utilize the website Call: 786.774.4477 Email:

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