b'THE SPOTBroward County has one of the highest overdose deaths and new HIV infections rates in Florida.To address this escalating opioid crisis and further extend our vital health services into the community, we established The SPOT (Special Purpose Outreach Team) in Broward County, which offers the only Syringe Services Program (SSP) approved by the Broward County commissioners.Our SSP is the fifth such program established under the Infectious Disease Elimination Act (IDEA) in the entire state of Florida.Validated by the CDC, this program offers the free exchange of clean, unused needles and hypodermic syringes for used needles and syringes to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS, viralhepatitis, or other blood-borne diseases among intravenous drug users and their partners. It takes used needles off the streets and prevents overdoses by providing education, medical care, and linkage to substance use disorder treatment programs.-60-'