b'To treat all Care Resource staff, volunteers, and patientsrespectfully; you will not be verbally or physically abusive. To follow the treatment plan that you have developed with your Provider, therapist and/or case manager. To keep all scheduled appointments (medical, lab, dental, case management, individual and group therapy). You will give 24 hours notice if you need to miss an appointment and reschedule the appointment with your Provider,therapist and/or case manager.To attempt to remain drug and alcohol free while on the premises of Care Resource.To provide Care Resource staff with an update of anychanges in your status. (physical, financial, emotional)To provide your own transportation whenever possible. Ifunable to provide your own transportation; you shouldcontact your case manager. To allow your providers to consult with other healthcareprofessionals about your care.To arrange for payment of medical bills and applying forall benefits and entitlement programs for which youare eligible.-21-'