b'BILLING, STATEMENTS AND ACCOUNT BALANCESCare Resource collects co-pays, deductibles and lab fees at check-in. We bill your insurance for covered services, however, we will send you a bill if your insurance indicates you arefinancially responsible for additional costs from your visit. Pleasecontact your insurance company directly for explanations on costs they will not cover. A number of payment options areavailableyou may pay by personal check, money order, orcomplete the remittance on your statement and pay bycredit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Foradded convenience, you may pay online via the secure portal. Interest-free installment plans are available, please ask theprogram manager or billing department for more information. If you have any questions concerning your bill or the financial policy of the HealthCenter, or would like an estimate of charges, please call the billing department at305-576-1234.-40-'