b'The PCMH involves many attributes. Among them:Each patient has an ongoing relationship with a primary care provider (PCP) who provides continuous andcomprehensive care.The PCP directs a team of individuals within the organization who collectively care for each patient.The team takes a whole-person approach to caring for patients.Quality and safety are hallmarks of themedical home. Some of these include: Healthcare providers will support their patients to achieve health outcome through a compassionate partnershipbetween Providers, patients, and the patients family. Evidence-based medicine and clinical decision-support tools guide the decision-making to ensure that patients have the right to coordinated care. This includes referrals tospecialty care. Primary care providers in the practice accept accountability for continuous quality improvement through voluntaryengagement in performance measurement and improvement. Patients actively participate in decision-making andfeedback is sought to ensure patients expectations arebeing met.-12-'