Care Resource has launched a new online service to connect clients to Behavioral Health Counselors from the comfort of home. This telehealth service is part of the CLEAR program, and available to eligible patients. This will offer participants a virtual opportunity to access counseling from a smartphone, tablet, or home computer.

CLEAR is an evidence-based program that uses cognitive-behavioral techniques to help you improve and maintain healthy living. By enrolling in the CLEAR program, one may be eligible to receive up to 25 FREE individual counseling sessions at your place or ours with a trained behavioral health counselor. The initial session is done at one of our locations, and remaining sessions can be done online or in person. FREE Incentives are provided for those participating.
Qualify for up to 25 Free Behavioral Health Sessions.


If you are HIV positive, under the age of 29, and dealing with the below indicators, you may qualify to receive up to 25 free sessions.

* Feeling your sexual choices have become too risky
* Consuming alcohol and other substances more than usual
* Inability to take your medications regularly
* Worrying about what others might think or say about your HIV status

Using a smartphone, tablet or computer, you can work with one of our licensed counselors. You choose when and where to continue your care.

Call 305.576.1234, EXT# 315 to see if you qualify.

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