b'Our ServicesUrgent Medical CareWhen Care Resource is OpenIf you are a Care Resource medical patient and you are feeling sick, or have an urgent (not life-threatening)medicalproblem,callyourCare If you get our voicemail, leave a message. We often have same day or walk-in appointments for sick/urgent matters - however, it is recommended that you call before coming in.When Care Resource is ClosedWeareavailableafterhoursthroughourafter hours answering service.If your problem cannot wait until we open again, call our main phone line: (305) 576-1234. Let the agent know whether you requiremedicalorbehavioralhealthcare.Our after hours agent will relay the call to the on-call provider who will address your issue or concern. If you go to an emergency room, let your ERprovider know you are a Care Resource patient. IF YOU ARE HAVING AIf you are sick and need an appointment, call to MEDICAL OR MENTALschedule one.HEALTH EMERGENCY, TO THE NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM.53'