b'Welcome to Care ResourceCon\x1fdentialityCon\x1fdentialityisimportanttous.Informationaboutyouwillnotbereleased outside of this Health Center or any Care Resource location without your consent (except by law, court order, or in an emergency). For information to be released your permission is required and you will be asked to sign a release form. Your con\x1fdentiality is always being protected:If someone asks for information about you, we cannot tell her/him anything without your consent. This includes family members and friends. Ifthereissomeoneyouwouldlikeustogiveinformationtoorshare information with, such as a signi\x1fcant other or family member, you \x1frst need to sign a release giving us permission to do so. acknowledge you unless you do so \x1frst. This way you do not have to explain to anyone who we are. It leaves the choice up to you. If you do not feel comfortable talking to that person, tell your provider or a supervisor. We want to provide the best possible service, and your comfort is important.26'