b'Welcome to Care Resource! Wearehonoredthatyouhavechosenusasyourhealthcare provider. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care for all of our patients in a timely and respectful manner. Our Health Center has been a vital part of this community since 1984 and our clarity of purpose of always putting our patients \x1frst help us continue to be a special place to provide care and serve our community.We take healthcare far beyond providing comprehensive health and support services to address the full healthcare needs of our pediatric, adolescent and adult populations with approaches that view patients as whole people. Through our all-inclusive approach, weattendtoourpatientswholehealthneedsphysicaland psychosocialbecause we know much of what goes into the healing process happens outside of our centers walls.Technology and facilities are a vital foundation of todays healthcare - but it is the people who work at Care Resource that make the di\x1derence. The strength of our agency is driven by the strength of ourteam.Together,wearecon\x1fdentwewillsurmounttodays challenges,deliverCompassionate,CompetentandCommitted care and remain a unique asset to our community.Please remember to bring your insurance card and a valid photo ID to each appointment. Please inform our sta\x1d of any information changes since your last visit.Hewhohashealth,hashope;andhewhohashope,has everything. - Thomas CarlyleSincerely,The Care Resource Team'