b'Welcome to Care ResourcePatient Rights and ResponsibilitiesCare Resource is committed to providing quality healthcare. It is our pledge to provide healthcare services with respect and dignity. In keeping with this pledge and commitment, we present our Patient Rights and Responsibilities. Your Rights as a PatientAs a patient of Care Resource, you have many rights. We always want to make sure you are valued and served in the most professional manner. Heres what you can expect: Servicesprovidedwithoutdiscriminationbecauseofrace,age,religion, nationality,origin,sex,sexualorientation,genderidentity,disabilityor economic status.Con\x1fdentiality (privacy) except when there is a danger to you or others.Assignment to a provider.Active participation in the development and review of an individualized treatmentplanthisincludestherighttoknowandmeetwiththe professional quali\x1fcations and to know how to reach them.The least restrictive type of treatment that can meet your needs.The option to pursue a complaint through the written grievance procedure provided at intake.To understand the services that Care Resource provides including your rights and responsibilities as a patient before receiving services from Care Resource.To be referred to appropriate services and agencies when your needs are beyond what can be provided at Care Resource.21'