b'Our ServicesLinkage ServicesThelinkagecoordinatorsassistpatientsthatarerecentlydiagnosed with HIV or previously diagnosed (relocating, transferring care orlost to care) with the purpose of linkage to medical services. The linkage teamusesastrength-basedmodelwhichhelpsthepatientidentify treatment supporting goals, build coping skills as they receive assistance with appointment setup, medical documentation, stable housing, and adherence to treatment.Oncethepatients\x1frstmedicalappointmentissecured,he/sheis introducedtoaCaseManagerwhowillcontinuetoprovidecare coordination and retention support.Linkage Assistants can also provide home visits to locate patients that are not showing up to their scheduled medical appointments. A signed consent and/or a certi\x1fed referral might be required at the time of enrollment for a patient to receive home visits.50'