b'Welcome to Care ResourceGrievance ProcedureAs a Care Resource patient, you have the right to submit a complaint or grievance at any time andhave the right to expect a prompt response. Follow the steps outlined below if you feel that you have been unfairly treated or if you feel the services you are receiving do not meet your standards. 1. talk about the problem or concern you are having regarding Care Resource services. You may be asked to write down your problem or concern.2. solution, you may request a meeting with the supervisor of the unit-either by directly to set an appointment. The supervisor will help you and the nurse/counselor/case manager resolve the problem.3. with which you are comfortable, you may present your complaint formally as a grievance and allow the supervisor to investigate the grievance and get feedback from the site/division manager. You should expect aresponse to your grievance within \x1fve business days. 4.If you are not satis\x1fed with the resolution of the grievance, you may pursue your grievance at the next level in the organization. In such cases, you may ask the supervisor to arrange an appointment with the site/division manager, or you may arrange the appointment yourself. 5.If Care Resource cannot resolve your grievance in a manner that you consider reasonable and fair, you have the right to bring your grievance to an external review body for a resolution:In Miami-Dade County contact:GrievanceCommitteeoftheMetro-DadeHIV/HealthServicesPlanning Council.(ForRyanWhiteTitleIpatients)Contact:Williams,Sternand Associates. Phone: (305) 573-4002Florida Local Advocacy Council. Contact: Department of Health. Ph: (305) 377-5029South Florida AIDS Network (SFAN), Quality Assurance Coordinator. Phone: (305) 585-524133'