b'The Food Pantry ProgramThe Food Pantry Program provides weekly and monthly supplies at no cost. Generally these are worth $65.00 and contain seven days worth of food,including meat, breakfast foods, vegetables, fruits, rice, bread, juice and milk. Personal hygiene items are also included upon availability. For families with dependent children we provide additional food items for the children.Home Delivered Meals and Groceries Home Delivered Groceries provided to those who can no longer travel easily in the Miami-Dade areas. All meals are Ready-to-Eat, and are nutritionally balanced.Emergency Food AssistanceFood For Life can normally accommodate emergency food assistance on occasions but relies on the support and generosity of our vendors, suppliers, funders and donors.Nutritionist ServicesThrough our food and nutrition experts we can translate the science ofnutrition into practical solutions for healthy living. This is specially importantfor people diagnosed with chronic illnesses. Knowing what to eat is key toimprove quality of life.Social Service Referrals Food For Life Network, Inc.Through assessing, planning, implementing, coordinating, monitoring and 3400 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33137evaluating available options and services, case managers help assure clientsTel: 305-576-FOOD (3663) I Fax: 305-576-1833receive excellent care from available resources. www.foodforlifenetwork.orgFood For Life Network, Inc. is a 501[c](3) non-profit organizationand is part of Care Resource Community Health Centers, Inc. d/b/a Food Safety Care Resource.We are dedicated to communicating the important role individuals playin preparing and storing foods safely at home. Food For Life helps provide information on safe food handling tips, techniques and the risk of food-borne illnesses.'