b"A history of careCare Resource has been Care Resource was the ConnectFamilias'a leading force in the first collaborative partnership with Careand changing lives fight against HIV/AIDS organization for our Resource allows familiesin South Florida for over South Florida transgenderin our communities to access30 years. Their holistic model ofcommunity, assisting me with family medicine, pediatrics,care which integrates prevention, Miami-Dade's first transgender drop-inand adolescent behavioral health servicesR ooted in the 1998 enhance our services for moreplanned for our Little Havana andtreatment, and essential support services center. Partnerships and growth are someas part of our provider network of care.under one roof, proved to be effective andof the solutions to addressing long-termCare Resource's additional capacity foris an example for others to follow. I amissues in socially-oppressed communities,our children and families services meansmerger of Health Crisis than 27,000 patients. And with Ft. Lauderdale Health Centers. Withexcited about the expansion of their including people of color and black trans- we will be able to help more families access Network (1983) and the expansion ofour Midtown these expansions and renovations,Midtown Health Center which will gender women in particular. I celebrate thethe help they need.Community Research InitiativeMiami Primary Health Center weCare Resource is poised to continue double their capacity. At a time whengrowth of Care Resource with its expansion,Betty Alonso (1989)Care Resource becamewill double the number of peopleour history of care for the most ending the HIV epidemic has become aand applaud their attention to offeringConnectFamiliaspriority for America, there is no doubt thatmuch-needed transgender health servicesPresident/CEOSouth Floridas oldest and largestand visits within three years. vulnerable in our communities. Care Resource has the tools to engage thefor South Florida! Miami, FLHIV/AIDS service organization.hard-to-reach populations most at risk Aryah Lester, Deputy Director Our Building for the Future for HIV. Transgender Strategy CenterIn 2009, Care Resource became aCapital Fund has been establishedWashington, DCGeorge G. Hill, M.Ed Federally Qualified Health Center,to support our Midtown MiamiPublic Health Advisor enabling us to expand and center as well as other expansionsCenters for Disease Controland Prevention (CDC)Atlanta, GAHealth Crisis NetworkThe South FloridaHealth Crisis Network Care Resource The Joint Commission certifies Care Care Resource opens aCare Resource implementsThe Healthcare Equity Index (HEI) recognizes2019(HCN) forms incommunity unitesand Community becomes a FederallyResource as a Primary Care Medical fourth health center inthe Test and Treat Program inCare Resource as a Center of Excellence forresponse to the HIV/ for the first AIDSResearch InitiativeQualified Health Home, a model of care that puts Little Havana to servepartnership with the DepartmentLGBT Care for policies and practices related toAIDS epidemic withWalk Miami,merge to form CareCenter (FQHC) patients at the forefront, and grants thethose living in Littleof Health of Broward County, tothe equity and inclusion of LGBTQ patients,BUILDING FOR crisis intervention,the second ofResource, the largestexpanding its missionhealth center Ambulatory Health CareHavana, Shenandoah,The Joint Commissionprovide same-day access to avisitors and employees. THE FUTUREsocial support, and Care Resource'sorganization servingto serve all of thoseAccreditation for its continued provisionLittle Gables, North Coraldoctor and HIV medication to educational programs. signature annualSouth Floridas HIV/AIDsCare Resource offersin need in Southof safe, high-quality care and services. Gables, Historic Coral Wayaccredits Carenewly diagnosed individuals andCare Resource implements the Test andCAPITAL FUNDcommunitycommunity. HIV primary medicalFloridas diverse and the City of Miami. Resources Behavioralthose previously diagnosed whoTreat Rapid Access Program in Miami-Dade fundraising events. care in Broward County. communities.Health Program. are returning to care. County, in partnership with the local HealthReimagining andDepartment. Expandingour1983 1988 1998 2002 2009 2013 2014 2016 2017 2018 Midtown Miami Primary Health Center will 1984 1989 1999 2004 2013 2014 2017 2018 increase the number people we can serve by The White Party isCommunity ResearchCareResource offers primaryFood for Life Network, Care Resource adds a thirdFederallyCare Resource offers pediatric care in Care Resource announces aAIDS Walk Miami celebrates its 30th100% within three years; founded and becomesInitiative (CRI) forms andmedical care with fundinga food pantry dedicatedQualified Health Center (FQHC) site inMiami-Dade and Broward Counties,2-year, multi-million-dollaranniversary. from approximately the first of Care pioneers the from the Ryan White HIV/ since 1987 to feedingMiami Beach, for outreach and operationsincluding well-child care; pediatric hearing,plan to modernize, expand10,700 to 21,400 people; Resources two premierimplementation of AIDS Program, creatingmen, women and to the community.vision, and dental care, immunizations,and redesign its healthCare Resource is recognized as a Health annual communitycommunity-based a system to rapidly andchildren affected by routine health screenings, adolescent care,center and administrativeCenter Quality Leader for exceedingand and will increase fundraising events. clinical trials through itseffectively triage thoseHIV/AIDS, becomes a The first on-site Care Resource Walgreensand adolescent behavioral health services. headquarters at 3510national clinical quality benchmarkstotal visits from 43,100network of physiciansidentified as HIV positive intosubsidiary of Care Pharmacy opens in Miami-Dade and Biscayne Boulevard. (including Healthy People 2020 goals)to over 86,200.across Miami-Dade anda comprehensive system forResource. Broward County under the 340B program. The White Party celebrates its 30th for chronic disease management and Broward Counties. medical care and supportiveAnniversary. preventive care.services."