b'A state-of-the-art healthcare center in response to thegrowing needs of the underserved and hard-to-reachpopulations of South Florida.T his new medical home David Scott Parker Architects createdwill bring our fully a master plan for the new facility in integrated system of July 2017. Since that time, we have comprehensive care under one roofnearly exhausted our own reserves to address all of our patients needs.toward this massive renovation and Medical exam rooms will increaseexpansion project, including the from 10 to 24 to provide more primarypurchase of the adjacent property to and specialty care services and theallow for the much-needed addition number of dental chairs will increaseof parking.from 4 to 10 to offer a broad range of dental procedures. In addition, theOur Building for the Future Capital renovated facility will integrate CareFund has been established to first Resources Food For Life Networksgenerate additional funds to theFood Pantry and Nutritional Center. other sources of funding identifiedfor this $33 million project in Midtown. With the many challenges our The financing was secured through client/patient population faces, two commercial lenders and two integrating all of our services in onecommunity development financial building is vital. Now a patient caninstitutions leveraging Federal New come in and have all of their Markets Tax Credit Program dollars clinical, social and nutritional needscoupled with an $800,000 Federal addressed in a single day, avoidingcapital development grant from HRSA additional transportation costs(Health Resources and Servicesand travel time. This cutting-edgeAdministration). Funding for themodel of care has proven effectiveCapital Fund is being sought from a at generating better outcomesvariety of individuals,foundations, for patients at costs lower thancorporations and government entities.traditional private care models.'