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Where You Pick Up Your Medication Matters

A Pharmacy Network that Improves Patient Outcomes

Our pharmacy network is essential to helping Care Resource provide lifesaving programs to our patients and communities. This network of both Care Resource owned pharmacies and select partner Walgreens and CVS pharmacies in the community allows Care Resource to purchase outpatient medications from pharmaceutical companies at a substantial discount.

When patients with commercial insurance fill their medications at one of our network pharmacies, Care Resource can generate significant income which Care Resource then uses to provide patients with access to many healthcare services in their communities including discounted or free medication made possible by our ability to purchase these medications at heavily discounted prices.

When one picks up their medications from one of our network pharmacies like select Walgreens and CVS or one of our Care Resource owned pharmacies – a huge range of services are funded. These services include but are not limited to drug treatment, transportation to appointments, mobile clinics with bilingual providers, access to healthy food, and more.

Joshua (not his real name) suffers from advanced liver disease, which makes it hard for him to work at times. He can’t afford a plan on the health insurance exchange, but he earns a little too much to qualify for Medicaid. Care Resource arranged to consult with him by phone and got him medication at a very low cost. When Joshua is feeling particularly ill, he has medications shipped directly to his home. Joshua is one of countless patients who receive assistance thanks to our access to discounted prescription medications.

Access to discounted prescription medications allows us to manage three primary goals: access, quality, and financial viability.

  • Access – Enable the health center to ensure patients can afford prescribed medications, particularly underserved and uninsured patients.
  • Quality – Pharmaceuticals enable the health center to treat acute conditions, manage chronic disease and optimize health outcomes.
  • Financial Viability – Our pharmacy network and access to discounted prescription medications enable the health center to support key patient care services that may otherwise be unfunded and unavailable to patients.

Ask us how you can join our pharmacy program and which pharmacy is part of our network TODAY! Care Resource doesn’t get this revenue from all Walgreens or CVS pharmacies. The savings from our pharmacy network helps the health center’s patients, regardless of income or their ability to pay. These savings generate an enormous community benefit by allowing the health center to reinvest savings in its care model for all patients.

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