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Jisselle Izaguirre, Pharm. D,, Pharmacist


Jisselle Izaguirre grew up in Cuba and came over to the U.S. when only 7 years old. She grew up just one street from the Care Resource Community Health Center in Little Havana when she moved to Miami.

Jisselle graduated from Larkin University College of Pharmacy in 2023 after being a pharmacy technician for 8 years.

Jisselle states “I love my job and being able to help others. My mission every day is to make someone’s day better, even if it is just with a smile. I always say your only limit is your mind and you can do whatever you set your mind to. I’m grateful to be part of this amazing community and to change lives.”

Jisselle has 3 beautiful boys, ages 7,5, and 6 months old, and loves riding her bike, reading and playing basketball and soccer with her kids, and loves family time as much as possible.

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