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Primary Care

Adult Primary Medical Care

Includes routine adult health maintenance visits, physical examinations, blood pressure screenings, cancer screenings, nutrition consultations, chronic disease management and patient education for those with chronic diseases such as asthma, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, COPD, coronary heart disease and smoking cessation.

Women’s Health Care

Includes well woman and gynecological care, voluntary family planning, health education, routine Pap smear and follow up, breast cancer screenings and referrals for Colposcopy. Regular and specialized obstetrical care will be provided through referrals.

Pediatric Care

Is provided by our family practitioners in Miami Dade and Broward County. These services include well child care; pediatric hearing, vision and dental care, immunizations, routine health screenings and adolescent care. Care Resource mental health professionals will provide behavioral health services to adolescents, based on a referral from primary care providers.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Counseling

Welcome to Care Resource’s psychosocial counseling department. We provide individual, couples, group and family therapy. Services are provided to those who do not have insurance on a sliding fee scale (which means we discount our fees based upon your income) and some client services are supported by grant funding so they may be seen free of charge.

Risk Reduction Counseling:

Risk Reduction Counseling is available regardless of HIV status to help people avoid new HIV or Sexually Transmitted Infections and reduce their risk of acquiring these conditions. Through patient-centered risk reduction planning and counseling we can help you take back control of your life. Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these services are available now at no cost to any participant.

Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered Issues:

All of our services for persons who are Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, or Transgendered are available from therapists who are well trained and highly experienced in the issues that are unique to our communities.

Communities of Color:

All of our services are available from therapists who are well trained and highly experienced in the issues that are unique to our communities of color in either English or Spanish.

HIV Specialty Care:

Whether you are newly diagnosed or a long-term survivor we offer treatment plans that address your individual needs.  Our goal is to enhance the lives of those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS by addressing issues related to improving the quality of life.

Our Mental Health Counseling program provides individual, couples and group therapy for persons living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and coping with or adjusting to the diagnosis.  This program also addresses issues related to improving the quality of relationships in relation to HIV/AIDS. This programming is available without cost to participants inMiami-DadeCounty’s Ryan White Part A program.

The Substance Abuse counseling program provides intensive counseling for both substance abuse and HIV-related problems.  Clients are taught how the use of substances such as alcohol and drugs placed them at greater risk and interfere with effectiveness of HIV treatment.  Most people we see may benefit from both mental health and substance abuse counseling which are woven together in a seamless care delivery program that meets our clients’ needs. This programming is available without cost to participants inMiami-DadeCounty’s Ryan White Part A program.

Healthy Relationships Groups are available for persons with HIV who want to learn techniques that help in disclosing HIV status to loved ones, partners and friends. Funded by the Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention, these services are available now at no cost to any participant.

Education and Support Services are available for participants in the State ofFlorida’s Medicaid PAC Waiver program. This service can provide in-home information and support to keep participants in their own homes and increase their social support systems.


Our therapists are licensed and trained to work with the sensitive issues faced by our diverse communities. Issues of privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance and discussed with each client. Our clinicians come from different approaches including clinical social work, marriage and family counseling, and mental health. Styles range from client centered supportive psychotherapy for addictions, cognitive behavioral counseling for depression, to assisted relaxation training and guided imagery for pain management or social anxiety. Our therapists come from a variety of different backgrounds and orientations just like our community.

Linkage to Care

Care Resource provides client centered linkage to care services to anyone who is newly diagnosed with HIV or has dropped out of HIV care for any reason. Our specially trained staff will help mobilize individual strengths to ensure you or your loved one reconnects to life saving care. We utilize theAnti-Retroviral Treatment and Access to Services (ARTAS) public health strategy for multi-session linkage assistance.

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Assistance Programs

Care Resource case management staff provides assistance and guidance in identifying and applying for various county, state, and federal benefit programs. Discuss your needs with our staff, so we can assist you in accessing these valuable services. Listed below are some of the programs available.

Florida AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

The purpose of the AIDS Drug Assistance Program is to ensure that underserved and uninsured individuals living with HIV/AIDS have access to life-saving medications.

The AIDS Insurance Continuation Program (AICP) is a statewide program for persons who are diagnosed with AIDS or are HIV positive with symptoms and who, because of their illness, are unable to maintain their private health insurance coverage. The program makes direct payments (up to $750/month) to each client’s employer or insurance company for the continuation of medical, dental, mental health and optical coverage. The AICP does not pay for disability or life insurance. The AICP will also pay any fees associated with conversion of a COBRA policy to an individual policy or policy upgrades. The program will also pay client co-payments and deductibles on an as-needed basis depending on the availability of funds.

Prescription Assistance Programs

A case manager can help give you resources that may help pay for your medications through the manufacturers programs or other savings programs.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

A federal program for low-income households that provides supplementary food support.

Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA)

The Housing Opportunities Program provides housing assistance and supportive services for low-income persons with HIV/AIDS and their families.

City of Miami
Fort Lauderdale

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families with Children (TANF)

This statewide program is designed to end dependence by needy parents on government benefits by promoting training, job preparation and engagement in productive activities like education, volunteering and work.

For more information, call us at 305-576-1234

Case Management

Case Managers can help you access many of our communities’ services. Case Management at Care Resource is a client-centered collaborative process that works with you to meet your health and care goals. Through assessing, planning, implementing, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating available options and services, case managers help assure you receive excellent care from available resources. Anyone may ask for Case Management at Care Resource.

Additionally, case managers encourage your self-care and adherence to their medication regimen. Through support and emphasis on client directed goal setting, case managers empower you to remain as independent as possible, and most importantly, improve the quality of your life. Case managers refer people to many community services including primary medical care, prescription drug assistance programs, housing assistance, food programs and many others.

Dental Services in Miami

Dental care is integrated as part of the primary care program that Care Resource offers. Services Include: Dental Exams and radiographs, Preventive Services (cleanings), Restorative (fillings) – Composit (white) and amalgam (silver), night guards and bleaching, Crown and Bridge, Removable Prosthetics (Partials and Dentures), Minor Oral Surgery or Selected Root Canal Therapy. Most services are provided on a sliding fee scale that reduce the fees for those with lower incomes or the ability for you to pay. Call: 305.576.1234 or visit our patient portal to schedule an appointment, renew medications and more.

Care Resource Patiant Portal

Client Services

Direct Client Services are aimed squarely at meeting your needs directly, by providing food, transportation, utility and rental/housing services to you. While most of our programming helps you to connect with other resources that meet your individual needs, these services provide services directly to you to meet important needs.

Food For Life Network – has a proud heritage of serving the HIV/AIDS community since 1987. Today we can provide limited emergency assistance to anyone in need. In addition, for those who qualify for Ryan White Food Bank Services we can provide up to three months of groceries yearly and for those who meet certain other criteria, an additional three month of assistance may be available. The cities of Miami Beach and North Miami Beach make these services available to their residents through specific grants targeting their area’s Community Development Block Grant programs. Home delivered meals are available to those receiving Medicaid Waiver services and The National Board’s Emergency Food program makes emergency food assistance available once yearly for anyone who needs it.

Transportation – Working with a combination of funders, we can provide public transportation that you may be able to access through your case manager depending on availability and funding. Simply ask if you qualify.

National Board’s Emergency Food and Shelter Program – We receive limited funding annually aimed at helping anyone in Miami-Dade County with rental, utility and/or food assistance. The grants are only available under certain qualifying conditions (Miami-Dade Residency, Picture ID, social security number) and only until funds are exhausted. Check with a case manager to see if funds are available to help.

Housing – Care Resource works closely with the City of Fort Lauderdale and the City of Miami to provide services through the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) program. Even though these programs target people with HIV/AIDS, our staff expertise allows us to provide limited assistance to anyone needing housing help by referral to area programs. Housing Case Management (Fort Lauderdale): if you have HIV/AIDS, a housing case manager may be able to assist you in preparing a budget, looking for work, apply for emergency rental/mortgage assistance or apply for assistance with utility bills. They can also (depending upon your eligibility) possibly assist you with Move-In expenses, first and last month’s rent, deposit for Water and light bill.

Long Term Rental Assistance (Dade County): If you have been diagnosed with AIDS, the City of Miami operates a Long Term Rental Assistance program that assigns cases to Care Resource for our Housing Specialists to manage. Watch the City’s website for an opportunity to apply for their waiting list.

This means we have staff at all three locations that are experts in local rental markets and may be able to assist you with your housing questions.


Are You PrEPared for the Future

PrEP is short for pre-exposure prophylaxis. It refers to an antiretroviral (ARV) drug, in this case Truvada, which is an FDA-approved, once-daily pill that can help protect you from HIV. Schedule your appointment today! Call 305-576-1234 EXT: 289 or EXT:306 / Email:

Is PrEP or PEP for you?

Find out the facts about PrEP and PEP Learn More

PrEP – PEP Cost?

Cost depends on your income and insurance status. We can help ensure that it is affordable for you (we have vouchers, assistance programs and a sliding fee scale