The Housing Opportunities Program provides housing assistance and supportive services for low-income persons with HIV/AIDS and their families. Administered by the Department of Community Affairs, HOPWA enables eligible persons with HIV/AIDS and their families to secure decent safe and sanitary housing in the private rental market by subsidizing a portion of the household’s monthly rent.

Eligible Applicants must be referred to the Department by a participating HIV/AIDS service provider agency like Care Resource, be receiving HIV/AIDS case management services, have a medical professional verify HIV/AIDS status, meet current Housing Opportunities Program income guidelines and live within the metropolitan statistical area (MSA) to which they are applying.

During the City of Fort Lauderdale’s annual monitoring of the program, Care Resource’s HOPWA team performed incredibly well. Below are examples of Care Resource’s Housing Case Managers providing compassionate and competent care every day in helping those in our community with their housing needs:

A member from the community that I was working with just had brain surgery. His housing was not appropriate to help with his recovery process. I completed a home visit and obtained required the documentation for him to receive the first and last month of rent in a new safety location.  He is now on his way to recovery.” 

I had a member of the community on the waiting list for housing that was living in his car. After the intake process, I helped him move into an apartment.  He is now very happy and he is paying his portion on the rent and utilities. He is also following up with his Doctors’ appointments, is taking his medications, eating meals and staying healthy.”

I had a member from the community living in an unsafe environment.  His biggest support was his service dog. Most rental properties don’t allow dogs. I assisted him in finding a suitable location for both he and his dog. In fact, they were approved for move-in assistance.  It is rewarding to assist those in our community in need of our services.”

I had a member of the community that was dispossessed and was about to be discharged from the hospital. He had no income and nowhere to go. I helped him with housing assistance and provided him with linkage to medical care. A month later, he visited me to express that he had found a job.”

Care Resource is most inspired by the ability to bring much needed healthcare services to vulnerable families and individuals in our South Florida community.  Our dedicated Providers and staff go the extra mile each day to improve the overall quality of life of those who we serve in our communities and workplace by being Committed to service that is Competent and Compassionate for all.

Visit our patient portal to connect with Care Resource in a convenient, safe, and secure environment to communicate, access medical records, schedule an appointment, renew medications and more. Click here for portal:

Through education, prevention, research, care and treatment and support services, Care Resource improves upon the health and overall quality of life of our diverse South Florida communities in need. Care Resource is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization and a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). We have four (4) facilities, including: Miami-Dade, Little Havana-(Miami-Dade), Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale. We provide comprehensive health and support services to address the full health care needs of our pediatric, adolescent and adult populations. 


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