Ana Garcia Ph.D., Member


Ana Garcia Ph.D., Member

Primary Care Physician


Ana Garcia currently holds a faculty position as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in the Department of Pediatrics Division of Infectious Diseases & Immunology since 1986. Ana has a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work (currently completing a Ph.D., in Social Work) from Barry University in Miami, Florida. Currently, and is the the Pediatric Coordinator of our Ryan White Part D Project (the Miami Family Care Program). Having lectured extensively as well as contributed to the literature on the psychosocial issues affecting infants, children, youth and their families, Ana will continue to focus her immediate goals on psychosocial/adolescent research, the transition of 250 perinatally infected youth into adulthood, and further program development.

As a social work clinician, she has worked with children with the HIV disease and their families since 1983. This grassroots experience has contributed to her consulting work with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the World Health Organization, PAJHO, the Surgeon General’s Work Group on AIDS, the National Minority Health
Council, the Hispanic Women’s Leadership Council, and the Health Resources Services Administration. Ana has served on the boards of the National Catholic AIDS Network and Health Crisis Network, and is currently a board member of Care Resources (a Miami HIV/AIDS CBO).