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Thirty years ago, health care consisted of a visit to your physician when you felt ill or had an accident. Today, this is no longer true. In order to provide our community with the absolute best opportunity for a long, healthy, productive life, we, along with other health care organizations have transformed “care” into a continuous process where we monitor your medical conditions and recommend well care, such as screenings and immunizations, constantly, not just when you come into our office or call us on the phone. This allows our Care Resource medical team(s) and you to truly work together in concert to maximize good health and personalized health care.

We are inspired by the ability to bring much needed services to vulnerable families and individuals. Our dedicated Medical Clinicians go the extra mile each day to be welcoming, thorough and compassionate as they improve health care in our community. Our staff brings meaning to “healthcare from the heart” every day

Services provided by Care Resource include pediatric care, dental care, gynecological care, general adult primary care, outpatient mental health and substance abuse counseling, research opportunities, diagnostic lab collection and processing, HIV primary care, multiple health screenings, immunizations, voluntary family planning and referrals to obstetrical and other specialty care services, offered through our established network of experts. Support services included case management (social services), HIV and STI testing, emergency financial assistance, home delivered meals and food bank services, along with nutrition counseling.

Join the Care Resource family and help us provide you with the absolute best opportunity for a long, healthy, productive life, Together, we can work in concert to help you maximize good health and help you along your healthcare journey. The level of personal attention, at every level of the Care Resource experience not only sets us apart, but it also sets you on the fast track to better health.

Most services at our offices are provided on a sliding fee scale. With a sliding scale, the fees are reduced for those who have lower incomes or less money to spare after their personal expenses, regardless of income or the ability for you to pay.

Visit our patient portal to connect with Care Resource in a convenient, safe, and secure environment to communicate, access medical records, schedule an appointment, renew medications and more!

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If you, or anyone you know is in need, please call upon us to serve you!

– 3801 Biscayne Blvd. – Miami, FL 33137 – T. 305.576.1234 | F. 305.571.2020
– 1901 S.W. 1st Street – 3rd Fl. Miami, FL 33135 – T. 305.203.5230 – F. 305.203.5231
– 871 West Oakland Park Blvd. Ft Lauderdale, FL 33311 – T. 954.567.7141 | F. 954.565.5624
– 1680 Michigan Avenue, Suite 912, Miami Beach, FL 33139 – T. 305.534.0503 | F: 305.673.1960

Watch short health tips in our Health Videos resource page.

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