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The Minority AIDS Initiative – Exceptional HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment

Minority AIDS Initiative – Exceptional HIV/AIDS Care and TreatmentCare Resource is proud to announce the Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI) in Broward County. This program is aimed to support the ability of clients to remain adherent to their medical care.

This initiative targets residents of Broward County who are African American, Latino, Asian or Pacific Islander, are 18 years of age or older and diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, uninsured and have income less than or equal to 300% of poverty level who have no other means or funding source to receive services and have a Ryan White Case Manager but have missed at least one Medical Appointment in the last six months.

“Medication adherence” means taking your HIV medications when and how you are supposed to take them. It can be one of the most difficult aspects of living with HIV/AIDS. For some people, taking their meds every day reminds them of the social and emotional issues connected to HIV/AIDS, so they avoid it. Medication adherence is really important. According to, “treatment adherence is extremely important because it affects how well your HIV medications decrease your viral load. The lower your viral load, the healthier you are likely to be.”

According to Tom Pietrogallo, LCSW, MBA, Director of Psychosocial Services with Care Resource, “This initiative provides the leadership and resources that can help assure access to and retention in a high quality, integrated care and treatment services setting for vulnerable people living with HIV/AIDS and their families.”

Medical Case Management for this initiative includes individualized support guided by someone who may be of the same age, gender, or HIV status as the client, providing a “peer to peer” support system.

For more information, about the Minority AIDS Initiative, contact Care Resource’s Broward Primary Care Center at 954-567-7141, ext 101 and 112. Care Resource’s Broward Primary Care Center is located at 871 W Oakland Park Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311.

For More Information Contact:

Jonathan Welsh
Marketing and Development Manager
Tel: 305-576-1234 x 249


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